Photographer? Want to contribute and sell your photo with InstaMockup? Appy here

You are a photographer or designer and have a scene (this is how we call the photos with the devices) that you want to contribute? As you know we give all photos away for free (and we allow our users to do what ever they want to do with them) except the highest resolution. If we like your photo and we will use it of course you will get the money (we'll keep a small commission).

How can you get your photo on InstaMockup:
  • If you have a great picture please send to us in the highest resolution (JPG, PSD and PNG is fine)
  • Tell us the corners of the screen where we can place the screenshot (that makes it easier for us to test, anyway if we use your photo we'll do the measuring again). Go counterclockwise and start by the upper left corner (eg. 125px/345px, 239px/1234px, 2340px/1290px, 2450, 390px)
  • We will review your photo and get back to you. If we use your photo we'll set up a reseller contract with you in combination with a payment plan
  • If you submit a photo you tell us that it's your pictures with all related rights
  • It can take us a few days before we get back to you

Submit your photo:
Send your photo with all related information (see above) to:

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